“Talking Design and Art...@ FANN-A'-PORTER

Designers and artists alike want their creative work to speak, to enlighten and to heighten senses. They want their masterpieces to speak not only of the past and the present but also of the future- the future, with all its promise, the speed at which it hits us, and the technology that dominates its fabric. The future that we want democratized, collective, and social with a big banner of “beauty, peace and happiness: written on its gates (Mr. Gates: “no pun intended” ).

Beauty is the primordial energy that enchants us to face the all very diverse stages of our being. If the search for happiness is the underlying quest of our lives, then it seems only natural that it should simultaneously be the single most essential theme to which beauty alludes!

As individuals, we may find vanity no less attractive than graciousness, we may also find aggression as intriguing as respect and after all; it wouldn’t surprise therefore, that as humans, we are as conflicted about our visual tastes as we are about our ethical choices- there are indeed many styles of beauty as there are visions of happiness.

To call a work of design beautiful is to recognize it as a rendered metaphor of the values we assume critical to our well being, sometimes even a metamorphosis of our individual ideals in the form of a material medium. What we call beautiful not only evokes aspects of happiness, but also communicates our most deeply rooted sentiments and profoundly held ideas. In fact, we tend to arrange design forms around us that are more capable of communicating what we need within, than we are!

Colors (“literally the colors”), shapes, and compositions sometimes represent unique corridors within ourselves that help us comprehend what we cannot understand on our own, and sometimes even encourage us to reason with what we don’t want to understand- essential genuine or acquired qualities that can shed light on our yesterday and inevitably be part of our lives today, and tomorrow.

At  FANN-A'-PORTER [‘ Fann’ is the Arabic word for ‘Art’] We carefully collected beautifully designed objects of art ,messages that artists and designers from around the globe wish to convey to you hoping that their work satisfies your visual tastes and speaks to the inner ‘you’! Ideas, in the form of paintings, wearable art, jewelry, home accessories, furniture, and much more- all uniquely designed in limited editions to bring joy and happiness to you and your special beautiful others!” 





       Kako Komatsu      |      Pia Dirks     |     Yazan Hijazeen


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